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Helpful Uses of RSS Feeds for Marketing

If you are a member of inbound marketing community, you are probably aware of the existence of RSS. If you have no idea, just keep on reading to find out more. Many people are still not aware of the benefits and versatility of RSS, which is a little sad. RSS feeds had been around for quite a while and they can be more beneficial than you think. Basically, it is a great way to keep your blog subscriptions together and easy for reading. It is perfect for business people and marketers.

With RSS feeds, you are subscribed to news sites and can stay on top of the trends

RSS has a huge population of news sites and logs that report all the hot topics and trends around the world that relate to your business and industry.  you can subscribe to the general marketing blogs to get more relatable news, they help you stay on top of new inventions and developments in marketing.  You can also subscribe to your competitor’s blogs and keep track of their content. it gives you a chance to categorise the feeds into different topics and segments to make it easy to keep up.

You can use RSS to brainstorm the blogging ideas

You cannot always have fresh content or your blog all the time; here is where RSS come in handy. You can check the blogging content from the industry to get an ideas or two. Looking through other people’s blogs will give you plenty of inspiration. Once you notice a new trend work on it immediately.

Use it to monitor your twitter

It can help you streamline the social media monitoring. If you are looking for industry tweets, this is the best way to do it. You can see business mentions, and to monitor your competition through hashtags industry terms and other relevant things.

Useful for YouTube

Social media is very helpful in marketing and boosting your business. Did you know than you can subscribe to YouTube through RSS? It makes it easy to find your industry channels and kind of restrict the channels on your feed to something relevant to your industry. all you have to do is plug in the channel’s name in RSS.

Get the appropriate LinkedIn Questions

When you answer the appropriate industry related queries on LinkedIn, you create a great opportunity to show experience and leadership of your country.  It is a great chance to gain major visibility, back up your own content and generate more leads to your company.  You can identify the questions by signing in to categories that are appropriate for your market or industry.

Track appropriate and specific Google searches

This is a great tool to help you search for news and blog articles on Google.  The Good news and blogs functions on Google are great for searching for and collecting articles that are very important and relatable to your business.  You simple need to conduct a Google search and click on the news and blogs. You can gain so much helpful information on the RSS feeds.