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How to get small business funding when you have bad credit

In the past, loans were more accessible to entrepreneurs who wanted to start their own businesses. Now, if you have a bad credit score your ability to access or secure a loan will turn out to be very difficult or even impossible.  The lenders will first check your credit score to determine your qualification for a loan.  The qualification bar is different depending on the lender.  If you have a bad credit score, you do not have to beat yourself up. Thankfully, you can use other methods with minimal requirements to get the funding from other lenders and start your business when your credit score is bad.

Here is what you can get

Rollovers from business start – up loans

Small business loan form on a wooden table.

Rollovers allow you to use the retirement funds and investments you have to start your business. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act written in the 90’s allows you to use the finds you have saved up in your retirement accounts like the IRS and 401(K).  The best thing about starting a business with this type of finds is that you will not incur early withdrawal fees and tax penalties either. To qualify for the Rollover for Business Startup loans, your eligible retirement account must have minimal funds of fifty thousand dollars.

The application process for a loan is accessible to you even when you do not have a good credit score. If you meet the other requirements, getting the funds to start your business will be quick and easy.  Some guidelines are involved in Rollover for Business Startup funds. You cannot be working in a company that is overseeing these funds since it does not make it a loan. You will also be required to Sponsor a 401(K) plan for both your employees and yourself, operate your business as a C corporation as well as be a legitimate employee for your business.

Portfolio loans

Portfolio loans allow upcoming entrepreneurs to start or purchase business by accessing funds in their investment portfolio. You get to borrow funds adding up to 80 per cent value of your portfolio without having to neither liquidate nor sell your investments using the total value of your portfolio.

The loan payment is made when you are ready to do it. Using your portfolio to access the funds will make them grow significantly in value.  You also get to enjoy low interest rates on the loan while time accessing your funds within a short time from a period of 20 days or less.  Your credit score does not determine how much money you get and whether or not you get the loan. The qualification for a loan will depend on the investment portfolio. You will need a 5 dollar minimum for each share in trading securities or brokerage account with more than 80,000 dollars in stocks for you to qualify.

Final thoughts

You can get the funds you need for a business or investment through Rollover for Business start-up loans and portfolio loans.  This is the best opportunity to start a small business  without having to build up your credit first.