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RSS feeds basics

If you spend time online there is a high chance that you are aware of the RSS feeds. Most people use it as a method to keep up with website and blogs. Other people have n ides what this technology is all about. How can you benefit from RSS as both the publisher and consumer?

RSS is not new technology; it dates back to the late 90’s. It was mainly developed to allow the website content on other sited to be syndicated for use. It has become a very popular standardized format for publishing content that is changing r=frequently. You will mainly find forum posts, news headlines, video content, calendar events and blog comments.

You can use RSS feeds to read contents

This is one of the main benefits of RSS. Instead of having to travel through your phone to individual apps and websites perusing through different things to find the right content, you can use RSS as the centralised location. Basically it is an all in one website. You can use RSS predominantly through applications like aggregator and feed reader or Google reader.

You can subscribe to RSS with just a click of a button. You can do it through Google Reader or using the original website.  The good thing is that the reader program has the ability to notify you whenever new content is published from any other website.  The subscriptions can be organised into different folders that are easy to access. If some feeds no longer interest you, you can simply just unsubscribe.

Using the RSS reader, you have the ability to scan through different headlines on different websites and also read through snippets of all the articles. This gives you a chance to select or decide which articles are worth reading at that moment. Also, some understanding publishers can syndicate the content of their blogs and articles which lets you read the entire post on the feed reader.  Google reader is basically web based; you also have access to it on your desktop software that was recently created to accommodate to almost everyone. Most people keep up with the feeds from your mobile devices and your SmartPhone.

What are the Benefits of Promoting Your Business on RSS feeds?

When you have unique and special content, other businesses and websites will want to aggregate your content. RSS uses RSS Aggregator to scan the feeds ad post new items onto different websites. Many other business use this to display industry news on their website o benefits other people and themselves.  You can use it to subscribe to other feeds and group them into categories depending on the relevance.

You can use it together with a publishing tool to post content on your website and social media. It can access Facebook, YouTube, Quora, LinkedIn and Google+ plus other sites. You can decide how often yo want to check and how many posts you want to make.  Your site will be categorised and listed accordingly to make it easy for subscribers to find you and your content. RSS is a great marketing tool for people who want to start out their business.